Study Skills & Examination Skills Courses & Workshops For Secondary & Primary School Students in Singapore



  1. Memory techniques masterclass
  2. 21 reasons why good students fail in school
  3. Revision techniques
  4. Mind mapping essentials
  5. Your true learning style and using it to your advantage
  6. Eliminate procrastination
  7. Active listening in the classroom
  8. Learning to learn
  9. Dealing with homework effectively
  10. How to be an independent learner
  11. 10 rules for studying in groups
  12. Note taking essentials
  13. Study goal
  14. Study plan masterclass
  15. Improve attention, focus and concentration
  16. Time management
  17. Speed reading
  18. Developing creativity
  19. Motivating yourself to be a superstar student
  20. The art of self-discipline
  21. Organisational skillset
  22. 10 free mobile apps you must use to gain the competitive academic edge
  23. Creating a conducive study environment
  24. Dealing with exam stress and anxiety
  25. The ultimate exam-taking strategy to beat any exams

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