Postgraduate/University School Students Memory Improvement Courses & Workshops

Course Objectives

  1. Learn Memory Improvement Techniques For Rapid Memorisation & Recall.
  2. Eliminate Rote Memorisation, Thus Saving Value Study Time.
  3. Triple Your Memorisation and Recall Capabilities By Learning The 3-Step Memory Process.
  4. The Art of Memory Is Attention: Learn Easy Techniques To Improve Your Attention.
  5. Learn Simple Strategies To Improve Your Visualisation and Imagination Skills.
  6. Improve Concentration, Observation & overcome Absent-mindedness.
  7. Develop Higher Self-Confidence; Better Memory.
  8. Practice Mental Filling to Prevent One from “Blanking Out” During Exams.
  9. Enhance Interest/ Hobbies by Building a Large Fund of Knowledge.
  10. Master The Ultimate 7 Memory Techniques To Master Any School Subject.
  11. Learn To Incorporate Both Sides of the Brain For Rapid Memorisation.

Course Duration

9 pm to 5 pm.

Course Dates

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