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Memory trainng workshop for University students, undergraduate students, postgraduate students doing their degree in Business.


Course Content

  1. Learn to effectively apply the 10 most important mnemonic techniques for finance students.
  2. Eliminate rote memorisation; save valuable study time.
  3. Practice mental filling to prevent yourself from “Blanking Out” during major examinations.
  4. Learn to recall information within 2 seconds; save valuable examination time.
  5. How to use active listening strategies to help you retain more information during class.
  6. How to memorise financial and economic graphs.
  7. 4 reasons why memory fail for students and how to remedy and prevent such failures from occurring.
  8. Learning vs understanding vs memorising: Why you should always memorise a piece of information by first understanding and learning it.
  9. How to make sure you never forget what you learn.
  10. How to effectively encode complicated financial formulas.
  11. Learn how to use The LS Technique to transfer information from your short-term to your long-term memory.
  12. Learn the Powerful Memory Matrix: How to store vast amount of information from different subjects without getting it mixed up.
  13. Prevent yourself from forgetting tasks/assignments/responsibilities at university or at home.
  14. Learn the world’s easiest memory technique to memorise numbers rapidly. How to memorise important dates and financial digits.
  15. Learn the Link-Story Memory technique to memorise any sort of list rapidly.

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Memory Article:

Business Students Memory Improvement Training Courses & Workshops in Singapore

It’s essential to enhance memory and cerebrum work on the grounds that as we age our memory aptitudes start to crumble at a quickly expanding rate. We can back off or even prevent this from happening just by executing a couple of procedures and methods. Enhancing your memory is simpler and can be more enjoyable than you might suspect. Essentially doing a crossword confuse each day has been appeared to be very powerful at enhancing your memory. Try not to stress on the off chance that you don’t care for crossword confounds. Any of those prominent mind recreations will do. Before we investigate those, how about we survey some data on how our mind work debilitates.

Basic reasons for memory misfortune

Many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that a considerable measure of memory misfortune or lessening in mind work is caused by an excess of stress. Actually, push has all the earmarks of being the guilty party of numerous illnesses throughout our life. Just by essentially decreasing the worry in your life you could find that your general personal satisfaction in each range will significantly move forward. On the off chance that you didn’t realize that anxiety could be a factor in your memory misfortune, at that point you may have trusted that only a couple of plain memory diversions is all you expected to do. This isn’t valid. In the event that anxiety is causing your memory misfortune, at that point diminishing anxiety should be a piece of your arrangement at enhancing your memory.

Did you realize that your mind keeps running on sugar? In the event that you don’t have enough of the correct sugar in your body then you may discover your memory isn’t acting in the same class as it could. An eating regimen high in sound sugars, similar to those from vegetables, can enable your memory to work legitimately. Nourishments high in sugar, for example, prepared grains, Candy, and most handled bites, may give your cerebrum and the power it needs to work, however these are bad for your general wellbeing.

Step by step instructions to cure memory misfortune

You should now observe the significance of not simply hopping into utilizing methodologies to build the energy of your mind. You initially need to discover the reason for the issue. For instance on the off chance that you were feeling powerless and wiped out, you would first go to the exercise center to work out. You may first attempt to recognize why you are powerless and wiped out. Perhaps you have an influenza infection, a coal, Mono, or even bronchitis. Attempting to practice while wiped out will make you more wiped out. It’s the same with your cerebrum. To start with, discover why your mind is wiped out. Is that anxiety? At that point accomplish a remark your anxiety.

You’ve recognized the reason or reasons for your failing to meet expectations memory. You have likewise found a way to cure it. For instance, on the off chance that you have found that there is excessively worry in your life than you now ought to accomplish a remark that anxiety. Now, you are presently prepared to take part in exercises that will really build your mental ability. Do you know what sort of word confounds you like? There are numerous sorts of word perplexes, for example, crossword astounds, sudoku, word find, and even enigmas. Recognize the exercises you like and after that purchase a book brimming with them. Put aside 15 minutes to one hour daily taking a shot at these memory expanding, cerebrum boosting exercises.

The key now is for you to build up a day by day custom of practicing your cerebrum. This is the hardest part. A significant number of us think that its difficult to build up any new propensity, for example, eating solid or going for a walk ordinary. You now have the instruments to begin enhancing your memory. So ensure that your state of mind is in accordance with whatever is left of you so you can set yourself up for incredible achievement.

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