Corporate Lunchtime Talks Singapore

Power up your employee’s memory with this 60 minute lunch time talk session, conducted at your premises in Singapore.

About The Lunch Talk

This lunch and learn Singapore talk by Pinnacle Minds, will teach your participants effective memory improvement techniques in just 60 minutes. We are also able to fully contextualised our corporate lunch talk to suit your participants needs.

The Lunch Talk Content

1.1 How Does Your Memory Work

In this first part of the lunch time talk, learn the 3 process of memory.

1.2 Learn To Memorize 20 Items in 3 Minutes

Learn the Story-Link technique to memorize lists rapidly.

1.3 How To Memorize Steps & Checklists

In this sections, lunch talk participants will learn the memory improvement technique to memorize steps and checklists. Two relevant examples will be given here during the application exercise.

1.4 How To Memorize Foreign Languages

This lunch talk session will use Japanese as an example. Learners will be able to recite 1 to 10 in Japanese in less then 3 minutes.

1.5 How T0 Memorize Speeches & Presentations Without Notes

This technique will enable our lunch talk learns to memorise large chunks of information, such as presentations, speeches, meetings. Real life example relating to their work will also be presented here as an application exercise.

1.6 How To Memorize Names

Here, participants will be taught all the appropriate methods needed to be a master at remembering people’s names rapidly.

1.7 Diet & Memory

There are many types of food out there that can improve one’s memory. Learn what food is good and even what food is bad for your memory. Participants will also learn the special diet that memory masters follow.

1.8 Memory Games You Can Play To Improve Your Memory

Here participants will learn some of the best memory improvement games used by the memory experts to supercharge their memory.

1.9 Is Your Memory A Serious Cause For Concern?

There is a big difference between normal forgetfulness and a serious memory problem such Alzheimer’s Disease. Here our participants will be taught how to spot that difference between them,thus knowing when to seek help.

1.10 Question & Answers Between Participants & Speaker

A 10 to 20 minute Q&A session will be conducted right after the lunch and learn talk.

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