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Corporate Training

Pinnacle Minds has established a strong reputation for delivering corporate training courses of the highest quality in Singapore

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PSLE Memory Improvement Workshop

Pinnacle Minds believes that the primary school years, in Singapore, are an important phase in your child’s education, as they lay the foundation for his/her learning. It is also the time when they are most inquisitive

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Secondary School Memory Improvement

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore schools, even in a study skills course.

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Team Building Games For The Workplace (3)

Numerous witnesses told the OIG that GOES-R Ground Segment staff often worked more than 40 hours weekly without earning overtime pay or compensatory time, and Supervisor 1 was aware of a morale issue” that he hoped to address with an activity that would bond” the team. If your mission is to bring out leadership, cooperation, […]

Team Lunch Is For Team Building

A lot of people have a lot of trouble trying to motivate teenagers – ask any parent or any school teacher. The three-hour event will end with a filmed performance of the group’s creations (professional musicians pitch in to alleviate any stage fright), and the instruments will be donated to kids living at the shelter. […]

Building Exercise (2)

When trying to implement a team building in Singapore programme, a useful starting point is to help the team appreciate what makes a team work to the same goals and principles. One of the best ways to get people in a group to know each other is by trying out some simple team building games […]

Building Activities (2)

We offer a wide range of team building activities throughout Scotland, specifically created to improve essential group skills, communication, problem solving abilities and overall team performance. The first thing you’ll want to take care of is ensuring that the location of the activity is easily accessible by the whole team. If there are team members […]

High School Team Building Games (2)

In an ever changing and increasingly competitive business environment, it is possible for employees to feel undervalued in their roles and detached from their organisations. If you have not prepared any high school team building activity, there’s nothing to worry about it. Here is one of the best team building activities for high school students […]

Seven Benefits Of Team Building (3)

Team Building is a recent activity introduced as a way for companies to gain a more productive workforce. Our team building/team-bonding CUSTOMIZED events can stretch your budget and link activities to your business objectives without compromising on enjoyment because we know that mixing business with pleasure works. Janet Rudolph and Frank Price and our trained […]

Annual Team Building Day (2)

With the release of the NHL Power Play Team-Building Card Game, you can play as an All-Star Captain, build your ultimate team, and score the most goals to win the Cup! Serious team building in Singapore partnered with Serious Fun! If you feel that you need to have an activity inside the office, which will propagate the […]

Teambuilding, Team Building, Team Building Bristol

BizBash serves professional events planners who spend an average of $750,000 and plan an average of 49 events per year. On an individual level, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can enable a team to work to everyone’s strengths and create a dynamic environment with collective potential. Activities and games for team building range from […]

2nd Memory Studies Workshop (10)

The seventh IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW) will be held at the Hyatt Regency, Monterey, California from Sunday May 17th thourgh Wednesday May 20th, 2015. I think that the biggest advantage of having your own woodworking workshop is that you can work there at any time. The first thing that you should probably do when […]

Jays Team Building Post Halloween Costume Party

The challenge was on as the staff from our Acushnet Avenue site engaged in their second annual corporate team building in Singapore day last month. This page provides an introduction to what is a team? Breaking of such gaps can only happen when team members participating in-group activities focusing on all aspects of working in […]