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Corporate Training

Pinnacle Minds has established a strong reputation for delivering corporate training courses of the highest quality in Singapore

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PSLE Memory Improvement Workshop

Pinnacle Minds believes that the primary school years, in Singapore, are an important phase in your child’s education, as they lay the foundation for his/her learning. It is also the time when they are most inquisitive

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Secondary School Memory Improvement

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore schools, even in a study skills course.

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Team Building Events

Lingayen-Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr.hailed the last batch of hospital employees present during the socialization night of the Hospital Employees’ Team Building 2014 for providing quality health service for the province. We were disappointed ofcourse – yet we went back to the customer and explored what choice of activities they had finally gone with. Refashioning […]

Outside’s Creative Team Building Events

We offer a wide range of team building activities throughout Scotland, specifically created to improve essential group skills, communication, problem solving abilities and overall team performance. One way to try and combat these problems is to run collaborative and problem solving team building activities. A simple task to show that you can’t always do all […]

Team Building For Employee Benefit

Team building activities help team members bond with each other. Skills based team building events are also highly popular and known to show good results. These exercises are built to teach the team members to reach unanimous decisions, overcome conflicts, and give and receive feedback in a progressive fashion. There are many such team building […]

Beyond Teambuilding

You have come to the right place to find out all the details related to this topic. Team building is an important activity in any group where people work together as a team. How can team building be achieved at school? We are sorry. It’s hard to build upon these crucial skills when you’re missing […]

Orange County Team Building

Recently we had Indevin bring about 30 of their staff here to Dartington Barn for Archery Plus. Browse our activities using the Browse Our Activities tab on the left-hand menu, and filter your options down by the specific business goals you are looking to achieve. Give each team a sheet of newspaper(broadsheet), flipchart paper or […]

Team Building Ideas Around The World. (2)

Blend cooking with communication and serve up a great time for all. We offer a variety of programmes in leadership, personal development and team-building at Dorney Lake. Inspiring team leaders can take delegates through archery or laser clay shooting, multi-boat regattas, raft-building, orienteering, dragon boating and many other individual and team exercises. corporate team building […]


The challenge was on as the staff from our Acushnet Avenue site engaged in their second annual team building day last month. Everyone has a different definition of team building. And this is why all our activities are based on scouting, between the aiding, abetting and teamwork. Today Apple needs to build a reason, other […]

Customized Corporate Team Building Events In San Francisco Bay Area, California And Beyond (2)

As the Organising Chairperson for this event, first of all, I would like to thank our very own Division H governor, YS Lee, who entrusted me with this event and in turn gave me an opportunity to be a part of this piece of history. One more very important aspect of building a strong team […]

Communication Games For Team Building (2)

Interactive sessions: Only interactive squad building activities will enable the members of a group to understand each other. If you encourage this type of behavior early, it can advance higher levels of productiveness in a team. However it is to be remembered that the success of the activities depends upon the role played by the […]

Leaders In Corporate Team Building Events

Singapore team building activities are a great opportunity to increase the success of the team, motivate participants and keep everyone a lot happier! In every team building process, there have to be teams which are made by putting together a group or people to carry out a particular job or task. When the teams are […]