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Corporate Training

Pinnacle Minds has established a strong reputation for delivering corporate training courses of the highest quality in Singapore

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PSLE Memory Improvement Workshop

Pinnacle Minds believes that the primary school years, in Singapore, are an important phase in your child’s education, as they lay the foundation for his/her learning. It is also the time when they are most inquisitive

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Secondary School Memory Improvement

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore schools, even in a study skills course.

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Improve Your Intelligence With Brain Workshop (3)

Contains about 100 billion neurons, the human brain is a wonder. The Names-Faces Memory Technique: Here participants will learn all the necessary tools needed to be a master at remembering people’s names and faces. Also, get the facts on memory improvement supplements, know what to avoid and what to take. Games for a Flawless Memory: Here participants will learn some of […]

Memory Mirchi

Pinnacle Minds’ is memory training company that specializes in the facilitation of memory improvement workshops & courses across Singapore. It’s called a queue when mnemonics is used to strengthen that new tangle (memory trace) to lay down new identifiable recoded data. Though we may not know specifically now that is what happened at some point I […]

The International Man Of Memory (3)

Memorizing and writing without understanding is a last ditch effort for those who cannot understand but some how they have to get marks. This workshop will explore and demonstrate three different note-taking techniques that can be learned and applied right away. Effective reading of course materials can lead to better integration with lecture materials which […]

Teacher’s Workshop (2)

A randomized clinical trial of a writing workshop intervention to improve autobiographical memory and well-being in older adults. They also demonstrated improvement between the pre-test and the end of Step 4 in automatic letter writing and writing fluidity. In terms of the impact of the intervention, there was no significant difference between the groups at […]

Team building has proven to be extremely useful in the business world where executives have different thought processes. It consists of a team trying to make a story out of randomly distributed sequential pictures. The ‘follow the leader’ games too are fun filled team building activities for kids. The traditional ‘tug of war’ is also […]

Games (4)

When the Canucks hired Perry Pearn to round out their coaching staff this summer, we were told his primary responsibility would be remaking the powerplay. Over the years I’m sure you, or someone you know, has attended some kind of team building event, from the ridiculous to the very business focussed and serious events. Team […]

Bobsleigh, Skeleton Athletes Curl In Team Building Exercise Ahead Of Intense Training Weekend

When asking for input the rules are that the person receiving the ideas cannot judge or critique the ideas. These were some office games for employees that will not only motivate them and guarantee teamwork, but also bring change at the workplace. Generally, we all think that team building exercises and games are meant just […]

Team Building Games Ideas, Exercises, Business Games And Activities

We are SETA Registered, BEE Level 3 Accredited, have 18 years’ experience and have run over 8000 successful corporate events. My favorite team building activities are more mental than physical. Corporate Entertainment – This is ‘facilitated fun’ designed to create involvement, while avoiding the pretence of team building. The value of building teamwork and creating […] (3)

One of the best things you can do for your collaborative classroom is occasionally host team building activities. Various types of vegetables (tomatoes, onions, scallions, peppers, cucumber, beetroot, cilantro, corn, chillies, carrots, etc.), knives, trays, plates, chopping boards, toothpicks, work tables – 4 (with enough working space), waste baskets, hand towels or paper napkins, aprons […]

Corporate Teambuilding

Somebody much smarter than me once said that the essence of drama is just putting characters in a room and watching what happens when they bounce off of each other. team building Singapore exercises enhance the basic qualities of the team, namely – Trust, Communication, Strategy, Co-operation, Commitment, Problem Solving Skills, Teamwork, and many more. […]