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Turn Your Employee's Lunch Hour Into Learn Hour

We’re moving from an information age to a connection economy. Relationships and the ability to connect with clients are critical. It has become vital for businesses and companies to continuously skill- up employees for the purposes of client interaction as well as world-class productivity. Pinnacle Minds’ focuses on radically enhancing their client’s need by enabling their staff to learn and retain information quickly and accurately, thus protecting a company’s biggest investment: human capital.


Memory training is about being able to consistently recall key information at the right time during a conversation, meeting or presentation. This is one of the key characteristics of successful people. However, good memory is not exclusive to a fortunate few; anyone can learn to use their memory to its full potential.




Maximise your employee's lunch break in this short 60 minutes self improvement Lunch Talk series, Lunch And Learn, presentation. During this lunch talk session, participants will be exposed to some of the best memory tools out there that will inspire and motivate them to improve their memory. This very engaging, interactive, and memorable talk is all about one’s memory, how it works and how professional employees within an organisation can use effective memory techniques to achieve an outstanding memory. This talk will benefit them in both their social and business work life regardless of their industry.


To give you a better idea, below is a list of topics that will be covered during the lunch talk. Our talks can be held outside lunch hour as well and can be extended to 90 minutes by adding more topics of interest. Public lunch talk service events are also available upon request. Get with the programme now, the talks objectives and agenda are outline below:

      The Content


Memory Problems – Understanding how and why we forget is an essential first step in knowing what we need to change.


Memory Principles and Rhythms – Insight into the different types of memory, how it works and how to remember during and after learning.


Practical Strategies – Techniques for developing the ability to remember whatever you need to remember, when you need to remember it effective & efficiently.


Top 3 Memory Techniques - Master the top 3 memory techniques to memorise any lists, foreign language numbers, meetings and/or client's bio


Names and Faces – Be proficient with your ability to recall names and faces.


Nutrition -  Feed your brain the food it requires to be in pinnacle performance.





The Speaker


Sancy Suraj, Founder & Chief Trainer, Pinnacle Minds


Guinness World Record and Singapore Book of Records for The Longest Colour Sequence Memorised.


Represented Singapore in the World Memory Championships 2011


Singapore's Leading Memory Expert. Has Taught and Trained Over 10,000 Individuals Memory Improvement Skills Since 2011


Lunch And Learn Singapore

Lunch Talks in Singapore

Lunch Talks in Singapore
Lunch Talks in Singapore

Lunch Talk in Singapore

Lunch Talk in Singapore
Lunch Talk in Singapore

Singapore Lunch Talk

Singapore Lunch Talk
Singapore Lunch Talk

       The Materials


Lecture slides used during this seminar will also be shared to participants. A downloadable link will be given at the end of the program for participants to download the slides if they would like a copy.


Free Pinnacle Minds: Memory Improvement Mobile App [IOS and Android] will also be shared to the participants that have attended the lunch workshop. The app which is password protected can be downloaded via a link.


Lunch & Learn


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