2018 March School Holidays Programmes, Workshops, Activities & Courses in Singapore For Primary & Secondary School Students.

2018 March School Holiday Workshops & Courses in Singapore
2018 March School Holiday Workshops & Courses in Singapore


Studying Skills

Effective studying is the one element guaranteed to produce good grades in school. But, it’s ironic that the one thing almost never taught in school is how to study effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Getting Organised to Study
  • Reducing External Interference
  • Using Whole and Part Learning Systems
  • Master The Power of the PQRST Method
  • Top 5 Powerful Study Tips to Achieve Your Goal

Examination or Test Taking Strategies

Studying is only a part of getting good results on your exam. No matter how hard you study as a student if you don’t know how to go about taking a test, whether multiple choice or essay, you won’t score the highest possible mark.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Prepare Before The Test
  • Mindset While Doing The Test
  • Post Test Evaluation
  • Calming Anxiety
  • Minimising the Risk of Careless Mistakes

Note Taking Skills & Strategies

Good note taking is essential, but what’s not essential is writing down every tiny detail in a in class when the teacher is teaching. Its is crucial for students to find a system of taking notes that works with their learning style, thus enabling them to always keeping it simple.

Learning Objectives:

  • Taking Notes: When & Where
  • Effective Strategies for Note Taking in The Classroom
  • Note Taking Strategies While Studying
  • The 5 R’s of Note Taking: Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect, Review

Time Management Skills

There are 168 hours each week. With classes, activities, study, and free time, planning becomes essential to get things done. A few time management tools of the student’s choosing can help them organize their time efficiently.

Learning Objectives:

  • Figure Out What a Week Looks Like
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • Creating A Plan
  • Keeping Your Plan In Sight
  • How Not To Deviate From Your Plan

Taking Charge of Homework

What’s the point of homework? In a word: practice. Homework helps students embed the knowledge and perfect the skills they need to succeed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Avoid the Procrastination Trap
  • Finding The Motivation To Do The Homework
  • Getting into ” The Zone” & Staying There
  • Creating a Proper Homework Environment for Continued Success

Memory Mastery

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore Secondary schools, even in a study skills course. So while the better Secondary schools & teachers in Singapore might help your child with reading, writing, organising, & test strategies, far too many of them will “forget” to help your child with their memory. How quickly a Secondary school student gets through their reading material is immaterial. What’s material is how much of the material gets through to those students.

Learning Objectives:

  • The Best 7 Memory Techniques You will ever need to be a Memory Master
  • Eliminate Rote Memorisation; Saving Valuable Study Time
  • Store Information in their Long-term Memory
  • Triple Your Recall Ability
  • Developing & Applying Unique & Personalised Memorisation Strategy
  • Incorporating Both Sides of The Brain For Rapid Memorisation Improve Concentration, Observation & overcome Absent-mindedness
  • Practice Mental Filling to Prevent Yourself from “Blanking Out” or Mental Blockages During Exams

Mind Mapping Excellence

Mind Mapping is a visual thinking tool and note-taking technique used to stimulate you to think, learn and communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Produce Your Own Mind Maps
  • Organising your Study Notes Using Mind Maps
  • Rules of Mind Mapping
  • When to Use Mind Maps
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mind Mapping

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is the process of evaluating the evidence supporting an idea by using logic and reason. This is one of the skills that separates the good student and a great student.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Understanding Critical Thinking & It’s Benefits
  • Applying Critical Thinking Skills in Your School & Social Lives
  • Succeeding With The Critical Thinking Process

Mental Concentration & Focus Skills

To concentrate is to direct one’s mental efforts, towards a particular activity. With good concentration & Focus, students will be able to achieve almost anything they set their mind too without deviating .

Learning Objectives:

  • Practical Concentration Boosting Exercises
  • The Wandering Mind Is A Friend & An Enemy
  • Increasing The length of Focus One Session At A Time


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School educational programs have a tendency to be stick stuffed with content. There are English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities subjects and an entire scope of different teaches and sub-trains all with their own course content that should be educated. Lamentably, there is just a constrained time to do as such. Maybe it likewise sad that schools stay such occupied, content-arranged spots. School educational programs have a tendency to be stick stuffed with content. There are English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities subjects and an entire scope of different teaches and sub-trains all with their own course content that should be educated. Lamentably, there is just a constrained time to do as such. Maybe it likewise sad that schools stay such occupied, content-arranged spots.
Not very many schools offer courses in study skills. There is no ‘Study Skills Handbook’ on the book list. There is no space for such a course in light of the fact that in many locales the ordered educational modules has a tendency to be centered around instructing the substance vital if an understudy is to pass an exam so they can continue to the following phase of realizing where they will likewise be required to learn content so they can pass an exam!

However to pass those exams, definitely understudies need to know how to study! School study skills are basic. Experience demonstrates that those understudies who do prevail at school have a scope of skills that we can on the whole call ‘study skills’. Be that as it may, what are these basic study skills?

In no specific request of significance, we can distinguish them as:

1. Self-Belief and Motivation:
Understudies need an uplifting demeanor to classroom learning and home study on the off chance that they are to accomplish. Understudies with self-conviction and inspiration want to learn and to do their best at school.

2. Arranging and Organization:
Understudies who are sorted out perform better. Viable study skills incorporate the capacity to arrange hardware (records, notes, books), situations (study space, lockers, school packs) and time (utilizing journals and timetables). These understudies are likewise master at arranging: they keep in mind assignments or gear and they can separate assignments into littler errands.

3. Taking Notes:
A classroom can be an occupied and dynamic place. A reading material can be a wilderness to arrange! Great understudies can take significant notes that can be utilized to help later study and correction for exams. These understudies regularly utilize shorthand systems and Mind Maps to help their review of imperative data.

4. Perusing Skills:
Having the capacity to effectively interpret and grasp a content is a basic study ability. Regardless of the way that schools are utilizing elective media all the more successfully, the composed word remains the key method of direction. Achievement relies upon having the capacity to take what is perused and make importance from it.

5. Memorisation:
We realize that fleeting memory can just oblige a restricted measure of data. By and large, roughly 80% of the data that is introduced to us won’t have the capacity to be reviewed inside 24 hours. In the event that learning is to happen, data must be exchanged from here and now memory to long haul memory. In the event that it isn’t, at that point accomplishment in exams will be restricted.

6. Task Writing Skills:
Great understudies can exhibit the assignments, expositions and papers that instructors love to peruse. They comprehend the ‘guidelines’ for exhibiting their work and they are fantastic editors of their own composition.

7. Objective Setting:
Great understudies don’t just set objectives. They separate those objectives into here and now targets to be accomplished. At that point, they additionally approach getting objectives! They understand that something should be done if their fantasies are to be figured it out.

8. Stress Management:
As understudies advance through school, their workloads increment. As workloads increment, stretch increments. Great understudies comprehend know how to deal with their feelings of anxiety and keep their lives in adjust.

Understudies who can put these eight basic study skills together have a tendency to prevail in scholastic situations. Prior to a man can viably learn, they should be instructed how to learn. Taking in these skills ought to be the antecedents to learning in schools, as opposed to a bit of hindsight to be tended to just when exam periods are up and coming.

Study skills are a subject that is breezed over by understudies the world over. Every understudy has an alternate learning style that should be improved. When you contrast two understudies one appears with normally get a handle on the significance of good study skills. Another understudy may confront challenges since they don’t know were to begin. Understudies need to get their brains concentrated on gaining some new useful knowledge consistently. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why understudies are diverted on the grounds that study skills are taking second place to the majority of the innovation. Understudies ensure that their ipods and phones are working. They offer a more helpful approach to rationally escape from their commitment to study.

Instructors whine about their understudies poor study propensities. Their understudy’s absence of study skills is obviously apparent on the primary trial of the school year. Numerous understudies and guardians battle with having a decent study design. Obviously most guardians would love for their child/little girl to procure an A+ in each class. Most guardians know the estimation of good study skills yet they battle to persuade their understudy of its significance.

Great study skills start with the elevation in the demeanors of understudies. An understudy with great study propensities understands that it requires investment to remember data and to give it an individual significance. They realize that studying for 20 minutes after school won’t prompt achievement. Understudies require a study control that will show them how to study. Understudies require test taking tips that will dispatch them into an effective scholarly year. There are seven approaches to streamline your study skills:

1. When you read the relegated course reading compose notes about essential focuses.
Audit your extra notes regular.

2. You can enhance your study skills memory by utilizing 3 x 5 cards to audit
essential terms.

3. Create study skills exercises that you will utilize each week. For instance have a week by week session where you record essential actualities on a sheet of paper utilizing your memory alone.

4. Start your own study skills lesson get ready for each subject. Your study skills lesson design ought to incorporate test taking thoughts that you will use for each class.

5. Don’t permit test nervousness to crawl into his feelings. Lessen your test tension by investing more energy planning for each test. Spread your test planning time out more than five days.

6. The principle accommodating study skills asset is your instructor or guide. Try not to be excessively prideful, making it impossible to seek after enable when you to require it.

7. Write down notes on vital certainties with the goal that you can survey them the morning of your test. In the event that you are associated with a math or science course work out the majority of the imperative recipes on one sheet of paper and survey these equations the morning of your next test.
Study skills as a lifestyle is the way to your accomplishment in school. Set up a rundown of inquiries before you go to class. On the off chance that your inquiries are not replied amid class meet with your educator or send an email that contains your inquiries. You should be professional dynamic in utilizing imaginative study skills exercises that take advantage of your own learning style.
In conclusion, keep up an inspirational state of mind and don’t let test tension beat you. Hope to have accomplishment on each test and you will. A conviction that you will come up short will prompt disappointment. Build up another study skills list every day and tail it. Actualizing these study skills procedures will prompt an effective learning technique and the most ideal evaluations.