2018 June School Holidays Programmes, Workshops, Activities & Courses in Singapore For Primary & Secondary School Students.

June 2018 School Holidays Workshop, Programmes, Activities & Courses in Singapore



Studying Skills

Effective studying is the one element guaranteed to produce good grades in school. But, it’s ironic that the one thing almost never taught in school is how to study effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Getting Organised to Study
  • Reducing External Interference
  • Using Whole and Part Learning Systems
  • Master The Power of the PQRST Method
  • Top 5 Powerful Study Tips to Achieve Your Goal

Examination or Test Taking Strategies

Studying is only a part of getting good results on your exam. No matter how hard you study as a student if you don’t know how to go about taking a test, whether multiple choice or essay, you won’t score the highest possible mark.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Prepare Before The Test
  • Mindset While Doing The Test
  • Post Test Evaluation
  • Calming Anxiety
  • Minimising the Risk of Careless Mistakes

Note Taking Skills & Strategies

Good note taking is essential, but what’s not essential is writing down every tiny detail in a in class when the teacher is teaching. Its is crucial for students to find a system of taking notes that works with their learning style, thus enabling them to always keeping it simple.

Learning Objectives:

  • Taking Notes: When & Where
  • Effective Strategies for Note Taking in The Classroom
  • Note Taking Strategies While Studying
  • The 5 R’s of Note Taking: Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect, Review

Time Management Skills

There are 168 hours each week. With classes, activities, study, and free time, planning becomes essential to get things done. A few time management tools of the student’s choosing can help them organize their time efficiently.

Learning Objectives:

  • Figure Out What a Week Looks Like
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • Creating A Plan
  • Keeping Your Plan In Sight
  • How Not To Deviate From Your Plan

Taking Charge of Homework

What’s the point of homework? In a word: practice. Homework helps students embed the knowledge and perfect the skills they need to succeed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Avoid the Procrastination Trap
  • Finding The Motivation To Do The Homework
  • Getting into ” The Zone” & Staying There
  • Creating a Proper Homework Environment for Continued Success

Memory Mastery

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore Secondary schools, even in a study skills course. So while the better Secondary schools & teachers in Singapore might help your child with reading, writing, organising, & test strategies, far too many of them will “forget” to help your child with their memory. How quickly a Secondary school student gets through their reading material is immaterial. What’s material is how much of the material gets through to those students.

Learning Objectives:

  • The Best 7 Memory Techniques You will ever need to be a Memory Master
  • Eliminate Rote Memorisation; Saving Valuable Study Time
  • Store Information in their Long-term Memory
  • Triple Your Recall Ability
  • Developing & Applying Unique & Personalised Memorisation Strategy
  • Incorporating Both Sides of The Brain For Rapid Memorisation Improve Concentration, Observation & overcome Absent-mindedness
  • Practice Mental Filling to Prevent Yourself from “Blanking Out” or Mental Blockages During Exams

Mind Mapping Excellence

Mind Mapping is a visual thinking tool and note-taking technique used to stimulate you to think, learn and communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Produce Your Own Mind Maps
  • Organising your Study Notes Using Mind Maps
  • Rules of Mind Mapping
  • When to Use Mind Maps
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mind Mapping

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is the process of evaluating the evidence supporting an idea by using logic and reason. This is one of the skills that separates the good student and a great student.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Understanding Critical Thinking & It’s Benefits
  • Applying Critical Thinking Skills in Your School & Social Lives
  • Succeeding With The Critical Thinking Process

Mental Concentration & Focus Skills

To concentrate is to direct one’s mental efforts, towards a particular activity. With good concentration & Focus, students will be able to achieve almost anything they set their mind too without deviating .

Learning Objectives:

  • Practical Concentration Boosting Exercises
  • The Wandering Mind Is A Friend & An Enemy
  • Increasing The length of Focus One Session At A Time


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Study Skills Article


As an student you are relied upon to have decent evaluation, which assumes a major part in your future. Regardless of whether you need to work or proceed with your instruction after you complete secondary school, you need to graduate with great imprints. A ton of understudies don’t know how to study successfully and it causes disappointment and low confidence. Be that as it may, you can enhance your studying expertise. Read more to discover some study skills for secondary school understudies.

Many individuals feel disappointed tailing one tip since individuals have distinctive learning styles. Every understudy learns in various ways. Three noteworthy learning styles are sound-related, visual, and sensation. The principal thing you need to do is making sense of your own learning style.

Understudies with visual learning style learn best when they are utilizing their eyes. The best approaches to learn are perusing, drawing, or taking notes. You may likewise need to peruse the library and the web to help you in your investigations.

Maybe you learn most viably when you are tuning in to something. This is called sound-related learning style. To learn successfully, you need to listen mindfully when the speakers and instructors are clarifying things. You will likewise profit by study or discourse gathering. A few people report that tuning in to music enable them to focus when they are studying.

Individuals with sensation learning style need to effectively accomplish a remark viably. They learn better when they complete activities, working at something at the labs, moving around, or getting their work done. The key is you should be dynamic and attempt things without anyone else’s input on the off chance that you need to learn successfully.

Regardless of what you’re realizing style is, it is essential to influence a study to plan. You must have the capacity to deal with your opportunity viably on the off chance that you need to succeed scholastically. Know which time is the best for you. You may learn better in the morning or during the evening. Shut out all diversion when you are studying to accomplish greatest outcome. In the event that you learn without diversion, you can get done with studying significantly speedier.

Many people have an issue with dawdling. This is a propensity you ought to maintain a strategic distance from in the event that you need prevail in each part of your life. Packing every one of the lessons you have to retain the night prior to the test isn’t a piece of good study skills for secondary school and undergrads. You will just get yourself worried.

Understudies are constantly looked with the test of passing courses in secondary school or school, which makes knowing some study skills tips exceptionally helpful. Following these tips will enable people in school to create incredible study propensities that will enable them to vanquish any course or class that come their direction.

Extraordinary compared to other activities when an understudy finds that he has available time staring him in the face amid a school day is to spend it in the library. Rather than simply hanging out with companions and squandering valuable study time away, it is best to simply compel oneself to go to the library and hit the books. Continuously the push to go to the library won’t be so deplorable and the individual will discover study time more gainful as he gets accustomed to it.

Despite the fact that understudies attempt to stay away from teachers outside of class, on the off chance that they are experiencing serious difficulties understanding a lesson, it is prudent for the individual to plan some gathering time with the educator so he or she can better clarify the ideas. Thusly, less time will be spent endeavoring to comprehend ideas all alone and they can even form a superior association with instructors with all the exertion put into attempting to comprehend troublesome issues.

Numerous researchers tend not to purchase or bring the materials that educators request that they convey to make understanding the lessons simpler. These additional materials were appointed with the end goal of helping people fathom subjects of discourse. It is smarter to be finished with study materials than to need them, particularly when they are most amid class.

Despite the fact that you may as of now have a select gathering of companions, it doesn’t hurt to hang out with two or three geeks and shrewd individuals. Sticking around shrewd individuals who comprehend what they are discussing will help you enormously in holding data and in understanding lessons better. You may even have the capacity to see thoughts from an alternate perspective and think of new ones!

Knowing understudies who have officially taken the courses is another advantage to numerous understudies. Getting tests of past tests and answers that were taken in the course are unimaginably useful to any understudies to enable them to foresee what the educator or instructor anticipates that them will study for exams.

Following these study skills tips can help any understudy go from being normal to a great degree capable and certain! School is where learning is absolutely critical. While you are in it, it is best to grow great propensities that will help you amid school, after graduation, and past.

There are without a doubt countless skills that understudies of any age learn while at school. Truth be told it would appear to be practically difficult to choose any one aptitude as the most essential. Be that as it may, without question adapting some unequivocal study skills will conceivably keep on serving everybody for the duration of their lives. Along these lines, concocting exhaustive and compelling study skills lesson designs is a pivotal piece of educating at all evaluations and levels.

Understudies of all capacities have each possibility of getting a charge out of fruitful scholastic professions giving they figure out how to utilize study skills accurately ideal from the start. Regardless of whether they proceed onto school or college or essentially choose to enter a calling straight from school taking in these skills will be great arrangement.

The critical point is to attempt and devise the projects so the understudies will get the most advantage as conceivable from them. Making it fun and fascinating is, normally, a great place to begin. Ensuring the lessons hold their level of fun and intrigue would most likely be the following stage. The exercises that might be incorporated into each program are normally going to vary contingent upon which age assemble one is going for.

All things considered, in spite of the fact that they ought to in fact be fun, guaranteeing that the understudies get a handle on precisely why and how building up these sorts of skills will end up being so critical for them must be made characteristically clear. Over every one of the understudies ought to be prompt comprehend that building up these skills accurately now will make everything in their future investigations a touch more clear.

Care ought to likewise be made with respect to creating programs that will suit or can be adjusted to an entire scope of capacities. Every individual understudy not just has an altogether different level of capacity, this is common, yet every individual additionally has a tendency to respond distinctively to various learning styles.

The grievous the truth is that a few understudies who maybe take more time to get a handle on specific things scholastically are regularly unreasonably viewed as being moronic. How false this for the most part ends up being, is generally featured when such understudies are offered distinctive procedures to enable them to get a handle on things simpler. These systems can incorporate presenting, for instance, a more noteworthy accentuation on visual learning procedures. Similarly viable can be the presentation of class association inside the lessons.

It just stays to state that before getting ready to endeavor any production of study skills lesson designs, reasonable research ought to be made. This won’t just repeat exactly how imperative these skills are however ought to likewise give more methods for setting about this undertaking.

Numerous teenagers that have entered secondary school have poor secondary school study skills. Why would that be? Lets think of some as things that could add to this factor.

For one thing, considering numerous secondary schools educational modules, they don’t mull over that numerous understudies are not set up for this. They are extremely capable with everything from gaming and gaming frameworks, to music and music TV. Many would expert these in the event that they were subjects, in any case they are most certainly not. In any case, the point we are endeavoring to make is that the understudy has taken in these. Is it safe to say that they were required to take in these? Presumably not. In any case, they learned them since they were keen on them, hence, incidentally learned them. What’s more, extremely well we may include. This idea is the thing that a teacher needs to take advantage of so as to educate the understudies in their class. The capacity to top the understudy and their advantage.

Be that as it may, numerous understudies do not have the self-control to sufficiently and appropriately take in the material. They will utilize a great many excuses in the matter of why they can not take in the material and are doing inadequately, when in fact huge numbers of them are having an intense time getting off the phone, or far from the most recent electronic amusement, or even a hundred different reasons. This basically comes down to the understudy and their poor study propensities that is their characteristic. These attributes must be broken before any endeavor at amending the circumstance is made. By just putting down that mobile phone or making tracks in an opposite direction from that most recent diversion, an understudy would open entryways in available time that could be connected to their examinations.

Guardians are likewise a contributing element to this too. Fore, many either don’t have room schedule-wise or accept that their tyke is doing admirably in school. They leave the studying propensities totally up to the understudy as opposed to taking an intrigue and guiding them with regards to the best possible approach to study. Obviously, there are those remarkable understudies that require no help at all with regards to this as well. They are the ones that consider their investigations important and are self taught enough. Be that as it may, these are few and far separated.

There are a couple of skills that an understudy can apply that will help them. Be that as it may, they will unquestionably need to earnestly need to change this part of themselves before it will even start to work.

It begins with focusing in class. This is the absolute most contributing element to taking in the material. Having a decent breakfast will likewise help this extraordinarily.