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Pinnacle Minds has established a strong reputation for delivering corporate training courses of the highest quality in Singapore

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PSLE Memory Improvement Workshop

Pinnacle Minds believes that the primary school years, in Singapore, are an important phase in your child’s education, as they lay the foundation for his/her learning. It is also the time when they are most inquisitive

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Secondary School Memory Improvement

As important as they are, basic memory techniques are study ingredients least likely to be taught in Singapore schools, even in a study skills course.

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In an ever changing and increasingly competitive business environment, it is possible for employees to feel undervalued in their roles and detached from their organisations. The team leader makes sure that individual job responsibilities are fulfilled, but, at the same time, works to help the individuals corporate team building Singapore4 develop a common language, processes […]

Team Building Games For Adults

Tinkoff-Saxo is renowned for their unique team building activities and this year’s trip is no exception. A team may be defined as a group of people who come to achieve a common purpose. Ensure that each team member is made well aware of the team objective and goals. This will ensure that the entire team […]

Team Building Activities (2)

Investing in people, taking steps to enhance their commitment to the organization, building teams – these are some sure shot ways to achieve success. This holds especially true in corporate houses, where group effort is more important than individual achievements. corporate team building Singapore4 events are one way of inculcating a sense of team spirit, […]

Team Building Activities Improve The Culture Of Your Team

These ‘Free Team Building’ ideas are supplied by Fresh Tracks who specialise in providing corporate team building and team development days for some of Europe’s leading companies. Overview: A light-hearted introductory activity, which encourages participants to find out a bit more about their work colleagues. Working in pairs, participants are asked to describe how they […]

The Whys, The Whats, And Then The Hows Of Authentic Teamwork—part I (3)

We are SETA Registered, BEE Level 3 Accredited, have 18 years’ experience and have run over 8000 successful corporate events. Pursuant to complete analysis we determine what kind of a program will give his team improvement in the most areas that he has identified, and which will give his team long-term improvement so that he […]

Free Team Building Ideas (2)

Do you ever feel disconnected from your coworkers? Our new corporate team building Singapore4 events are perfect to improve employee morale, team connectivity, productivity and effectiveness. Don’t get in a fuss over building teams. This activity requires kids to think and realize things, such as putting stronger people in the front and back, and weaker people […]

Outdoor Team Building Games

A tight knit team, capable individuals who care deeply about each other and are fiercely committed to its mission of one group. The Team Building program involves 3 to 5 activities and with the guidance of LGCT’s Lead Team Building Facilitator are carefully selected based on each groups unique objectives. All activities are designed to […]

Make Sense Of The Theory Behind Team Building

We are SETA Registered, BEE Level 3 Accredited, have 18 years’ experience and have run over 8000 successful corporate events. To be fair, I think my previous aversion towards spending more than the necessary hours with coworkers comes from a very different work experience I had before joining Expensify. As soon as I started at […]

7 Teambuilding Ideas With Charitable Tie

Numerous witnesses told the OIG that GOES-R Ground Segment staff often worked more than 40 hours weekly without earning overtime pay or compensatory time, and Supervisor 1 was aware of a morale issue” that he hoped to address with an activity that would bond” the team. It’s the team leader’s, or manager’s, or facilitator’s responsibility […]

What Memory Cards Do 3D Camera Use? (2)

Who ever said that the human mind cannot be trained has surely not heard about the online mind games! Since 1988, Hugo Race has lived in Italy, Germany and Australia touring internationally. This information in from 2014. Media study and media-making have a rich history at The New School – yet as historian Julia Foulkes, […]