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Singapore Memory Training CoursePinnacle Minds is a memory training company based in Singapore. We teach various memory improvement techniques to students and corporate professionals through our memory improvement training workshops, courses, seminars in Singapore.Improve your memory with us today. Browse our courses below for a more detailed information on our memory improvement training courses.

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In the past few decade,  there has been a lot of discoveries made about our beautiful brains, especially in the field of memory. Our fun memory improvement course will teach you the latest and best memory training techniques gathered world class memory experts. Through practising these, memory improvement methods, you will be able to apply your increase both your memory & recall power both in the workplace and in your personal life.

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  • Singapore Tourism Board, National Library Board, Health Promotion Board, Housing Development Board, Aviva Ltd Life Insurance Agency, Ing Bank, Singapore Airlines, Ren Ci Hospital, SingTel, Groupon, Institute of Technical Education, Trinity Christian Centre, Mapletree Investment, Minds Lee Kong Chian Garden School, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, GQ Bar Dubai, Vogue Café Dubai, BuzzCity, Raffles Hospital, AIA, MediaCorp, SPCA, Casino Regulatory Association

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The Best Memory Improvement Tips

Here is the best memory improvement tip ever: to improve your memory, start memorizing! Memory is a learning skill and just like any skill the more you practice the better you get. You do not need to spend hours every day on your memory, just 3 to 5 minutes a day can improve your memory.

So how do you start memorizing? The first step is to learn how to memorize. Unlike reading or writing, we were not taught how to memorize when we were in school, so most of us go through life without this valuable skill. How is it possible that we were not taught how to memorize in school?  We were expected to remember all those information and recall them during our test and examination but how to properly store that information was not taught!

To improve your memory start with the first step and learn memory improvement techniques. There are hundreds of memory improvement techniques out there. A very simple memory or mnemonic technique is the Acronym method. Where you take the first letter of each word and form a sentence. There are much more memory improvement training techniques.

Here at Pinnacle Minds, you will be learning the best memory improvement methods to help you take your memory to the next level.

Another way to improve your memory is through your diet. You brain is made up mainly of fats, so it is vital that you provide your brain with the adequate nutrition. Be sure to take your omega 3 supplement pills daily. Those little pills hold the secret to drastically improving your memory.

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